Defroster for Car Portable Car Heater with 12V Fast Heating Fan

Defroster for Car Portable Car Heater with 12V Fast Heating Fan

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Defroster for Car Portable Car Heater with 12V Fast Heating Fan

Portable Car Heater & Deforest With Fan 12V Fast Heating Fan



 Car Heater & Deforest
✅ 2 Gear Temperature
✅ Overheating Protection
✅ 360° Direction Regulation
✅ Less Energy Consumption
✅ Anti-Skid Pads
✅ Low-Noise
✅ High-Quality ABS Material
✅Standard & VIP Shipping Available


  • 2 gear temperature. Natural wind and warm wind are two choices.
  • 150W power. It can quickly remove the cold in the car, defrost and defog.
  • Automatic heating, overheating protection, with hot and cold switch, hot and cold dual-use.
  • Less energy consumption, low noise, not damage the battery, safe and reliable.
  • Fixed way: on the anti-skid pads, or fixed with double-sided adhesive.
  • Bold extension of pure copper cable, efficient heating element, without damaging the battery.
  • Universal axis adjustment, the base 360° turn without dead corner, removable base, with slots, practical and convenient.

Portable Car Heater & Deforest With Fan 12V Fast Heating Fan

Product Functions:

  • The regular model has both natural and warm air functions. Switch position: FAN, natural air; OFF, turn off; HEAT, warm air.
  • The upgraded model is equipped with a negative oxygen ion generator, which generates high strength negative ions upon startup, enabling to eliminate smoke and dust, remove peculiar smell, help cool the brain, and purify the air inside the car.
  • It can be turned on when power on, and the FAN can circulate the air inside the car. When it is switched to the HEAT, PTC gets heated rapidly and generates warm air. The temperature of the air outlet reaches about 80-90 degrees, which can quickly heat the interior space. When the window glass is heavily fogged, hold it to blow on the foggy spot to remove the fog.
  • Fix the heater base in a certain position of the card with double-sided adhesive tape, and then turn on the power and use it normally. The angle of the air outlet can be adjusted up and down by about 80 degrees, and left and right by 360 degrees. The base can be unmounted when the car window defogging, blow the fog directly with the heater body.

How to use:

  • Insert the 12V auto plug into the car cigarette lighter socket fully.
  • Position the switch to the designed setting(Heat, Off, or Fan).
  • Position the car heater on the floor or dashboard.
  • Unplug the car heater when not in use.


  • Color: Red, Black
  • Size: 150*110*75mm/5.91*4.33*2.95″
  • Weight: 365g
  • Material: ABS
  • Heating element: iron core
  • Power supply mode: on-board charging head
  • Rated voltage: DC 12V
  • Power: 150W
  • Functions: Heating; 2-stage temperature regulation; 360 degree direction regulation.
  • Use: Car
  • Electric Heater Type: Fan Heater
  • Power: <800W
  • Installation: Portable
  • Installation: Desktop
  • Heating Element: Other
  • Number of Speed Settings: Second Gear
  • Area Heated: <20㎡
  • Application: <10㎡
  • Function: Purification


  • For better use of the heater, please note the following notes:
  • The heater is a high-power electrical appliance for vehicles, and its working current is relatively large (12.5A or so), so it cannot work for a long time (40-60 minutes). Do not use during engine shutdown in case the storage battery runs out of power.
  • If there occurs a sudden shut down after a few minutes of power-on, this is caused by the current shortage of current protection of the cigarette holder, but not a product problem. It can be normally used if the current of the protector reaching 15A, otherwise it cannot work with currently less than 12A.
  • If there is heat in the air outlet but no air blowing out (no fan running sound) or there is a plastic burnt smell, cut off the power supply immediately and stop using.
  • The heater is a high-power electrical appliance, the plug should be inserted tightly when using, and keep good power condition. Do not touch the metal parts of the cigarette lighter to avoid burns when pulling out the plug after long use.

Product Includes:

  • 1 X Portable Car Heater
  • 1 X User Manual