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Extra large Popper Fidget toy 1048 bubble 85 cm

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Material: Silicone
Size: L 85cm
Type:Sensory Toy
Color:Rainbow/Candy Luminous
Shape: Astronaut


Package details:

1 x Pop Bubble Sensory Fidget Toy



Satisfying it large pop its

The toy is easy to store, carry, perfect to keep children an adults busy during boring days or long traveling hours

Clear Your Mind

Forget about your everyday problems and stress while having a lot of fun with this large bubble popper fidget toy! Instead of biting your nails, you can shift your focus on this fun and satisfying fidget it huge pop game

Superior Quality

This big pop fidget it toy is made with top-quality silicone, which is flexible, food-grade, and easy to clean and maintain

Fun Game, it is

This giant pop fidget it toy has a competitive side, which makes it even more engaging and fun. The purpose of the game is to pop the bubbles strategically in order to force your opponent to pop the last bubble and lose the game

For the Entire Family

This unique jumbo pop fidget it game can be played by kids, adults, and elderly people because it is fun, strategic, and super engaging, helping you sharpen your focus, attention, and strategical thinking

How to play?

1. player take turns pressing down any number of mice they wish in a single row.
2. Each player can press 1 piece at a time, also can press many piece, must be connected. must press the same line of pieces at a time.
3. The player who presses down the last mouse loses the round.