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Handmade Wood Wave Mountain Wall Art

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These Handmade Pieces of Handmade Wood Wave Mountain Wall Art Will Bring the Great Outdoors Into Any Home.

This wave wood art has layers of wood creating a sunrise scene complete with a sun, clouds, mountains in a variety of wood stains, trees and a lake.Creating a 3D mountain scape, perfect for any gallery wall, kids room, bedroom, or home decor.

This charming layered wood sign uses lots of muted colors and natural tones to give a very calm vibe. This sign would look great in the entry way to your house for all visitors to see but really, could find a home in any room in your house.

These stunning natural landscape art will become beautiful home decorations in any room of the house, or as a perfect gift for Special Day.

Each piece comes with a dark walnut frame mountain range will look as close to the first image as possible. The center of the piece as a sky overlap, this is intentional to give the sky more depth/add to the 3D nature of the piece.


  • 100% Handmade
  • Dimensions: 20*20cm
  • Materials:Wood