Montessori Cognitive Matching Blocks

Montessori Cognitive Matching Blocks

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Montessori Cognitive Matching Blocks 

Boost your child’s memory and self-confidence with these skill-building blocks

The Montessori Cognitive Matching Blocks is like an educational pre-school session in a kit!  The Montessori philosophy of teaching is to focus on a single activity at one time. These blocks and cards provide the perfect opportunity to engage your child in a singular and highly beneficial learning activity that will create a sound foundation for future learning activities.

The colorful blocks and eight learning themes enables your child to memorize different numbers, vegetables, fruits, and a full range of items in 5 additional categories.

The matching cards demonstrates how your child makes a connection between the real item, the model item and the pictorial representation. Your child and generations to follow will have fun using the matching blocks and cars to improve concentration, hand-eye co-ordination skills, and memory.

  • Colorful blocks brings deep concentration which is calming and deeply satisfying for the child.
  • It provides an opportunity to master a skill and through repetition they can demonstrate a mastery of that skill.

  • The matching cards demonstrate the way they are capable of making the connection between the real item, the model item and the pictorial representation.

  • Improves memory, utilizing their ability to store, organize and retrieve information in relation to something they have seen before.

  • Up to 8 different kinds of themes for learning, including numbers, vegetable, fruit, geometry, vehicle, clothes, and daily supplies.

  • Train the ability of observation, and train hand-eye coordination skills during the classification.

  • Enhance the memory of different objects through playing.

The Montessori Cognitive Matching Blocks enhance visual and spatial perception, fine motor skills, and increases fine motor dexterity through associating different objects. It also Improved your child’s concentration, especially in today’s technological society.