New Remote Controlled Tanks Water Bombs Armored Gesture Sensors Stunt Cars

New Remote Controlled Tanks Water Bombs Armored Gesture Sensors Stunt Cars

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SKU: F-XZK5965

The toy car is packed in an exquisite gift box, and the toy remote control car is specially designed for cute children

Main Features:

  • Unique shape, multiple functions: smarter than traditional remote control cars, rich in functions, realizing remote launching of water bombs, multi-directional driving and stunt performance

  • High-speed burst of water bombs: Water bomb launch is the primary skill of the mecha, and high-speed bursts can be achieved through the remote control

  • Precision shooting challenge: multi-dimensional aiming and shooting, capturing more shooting angles

  • Remote control turret rotation: the turret can be controlled by 180° rotation, wide range of attack, interesting battle

  • Atomized spray, cool interior light: just add a few drops of tap water to spray

  • Lateral tires, stunt driving: armored wheels are composed of multiple small rollers, and a variety of driving modes can be realized by remote control

  • Multiple driving modes: control the driving direction as you like

  • 2.4GHz remote control: strong signal, strong signal anti-interference, good experience

  • Watch remote control, induction control: manual mode + induction mode, good experience

  • Adapt to a variety of terrain: desert, grassland, road

Package List:

  • RC Tank*1

  • Remote control*1

  • With Or Without Watch Controller* 1(it depends on your selection)

  • USB Charging Cable*1

Small size: 17*16*15cm
Large size: 27*21*25cm

Featured functions:
1. Water mist can be generated after water injection to simulate automobile exhaust.
2. The fort can rotate and launch water bombs, remote control rotating turret
3. Forward and backward. The left side is horizontal, the right side is horizontal, and the front, back, left, and right drift obliquely
4. Dance, automatic demonstration, lighting, music, and programming